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How does NumberGym Maths support the teaching of Mastery in Maths?

The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) have produced a document on Mastery Approaches to Mathematics. Click here to see a copy of that document interspersed with inserts in red explaining the contribution that NumberGym Maths can make.

Use your iPads to log in to your school account...

NumberGym's iPad apps for Bond Builder, Table Trainer and Mental Maths Challenge now support School Logins. We had some reports of poor performance accessing these products through the Puffin browser but the apps work perfectly.

We also provide 9 other iPad apps created from some of the challenges and games in The Number Gym. See our Apps page for more details.

Recent research...

... that suggests schools with lots of IT equipment perform no better than those without it may inadvertently be highlighting the fact that some of the most popular maths software products focus on entertainment rather than mathematics.

With NumberGym Maths you're doing maths 100% of the time AND it's fun. But, of course, teachers still need to teach maths - we think we offer the best maths teaching tools coupled with engaging and creative challenges and games.

Our Software...

  • Now provides unique pupil logins so best times can be stored for BondBuilder, TableTrainer and Mental Maths Challenge
  • Highlights the underlying patterns in mathematics
  • Uses clear, uncluttered images
  • Is age neutral with minimal text
  • Is great for EAL, SEN, Adult Learners, and Gifted & Talented alike
  • Builds confidence through contexts that provide reinforcement in a fun way
  • Available online for schools, tutors and home users

Learning Number Facts

BondBuilder & TableTrainer offers carefully graded timed challenges to measure progress in committing facts to memory.

Acquiring Mental Strategies

Mental Maths Challenge enables the teaching and practice of mental arithmetic strategies in a personalised setting.

Creativity in Maths

We offer creative challenges and open-ended explorations which encourage investigations and lateral thinking in maths.

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What teachers say

BondBuilder & TableTrainer and Mental Maths Challenge are your strongest products used in the proper way - with home access.
I believe they can make a massive difference to maths teaching - if it's done properly and coordinated as a whole school with parental involvement.

- Clint Lees, Robert Wilkinson Primary School, York


The verdict from staff who explored NumberGym is 'fantastic', 'well-differentiated', 'attractive visuals', 'appropriately challenging', 'we love it', 'pupils prefer it to previous software used'.

- Fiona Reid, CarronGrange School, Falkirk


The Number Gym is completely different and I was aware while using it with my pupils that not only did it make them think about the concepts they were working on, but it also enhanced their understanding.

- Nicole Cooper, M.A M.Ed. Head of Learning Support, The Richard Pate School, Cheltenham


I work with learners ranging from age 11 to adult and NumberGym seems to be one of the best, and widely age appropriate tools out there.

- Pete Jarrett, Tutorum Learning & Assessment


After 15 minutes I knew that NumberGym Maths was on a par with any of the best mathematics software I have seen over the past decade.
It is difficult to pick holes in this well-designed and fully accessibly software. In the hands of a good teacher it will help inspire and motivate children in mathematics.

Ratings (out of 5)
Fitness for purpose: 5
Ease of use: 5
Features: 5
Quality: 5
Value for money: 5

- Chris Drage [Freelance Educational ICT Journalist] in MJO (Merlin John Online)